192: Are You A Female Over 50 And Feel This Way? MUST Listen!

Your not the only one that feels this way? I have been hearing so much of how women over 50 seem to not feel relevant unless they are associated with being a Mom or wife. What is crazy is that these women are heavy hitters in their own right, but something just does not seem enough.

I took a small poll on my social media to see what women were saying and asked one simple question:

What is your biggest challenge at your age?

The answer was very much the same. They wanted to feel relevant and a part of something much larger. No not just raising kids, but something that has an impact. I unpack this episode as it seems fitting.

Shout out to all the ladies that work with me in #BrandLife. I feel fortunate and blessed, but it is truly mesmerizing to see how people process fears, past traumas or limiting beliefs.

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Much love,