5 MUST Do’s To Help Yourself When You Struggle

Written By Yvonne Tu Herman
Written By Yvonne Tu Herman

There are moments we hesitate or struggle to do what we should, planned or committed to.Whether it be work, exercise, taking care of others or ourselves, meeting a deadline or something else, there is a goal.Maybe there are whispers or screams of “Not today.”What steps can you take to kickstart your action?


Post Your Why & Revisit Daily – On your phone, fridge, mirror, journal or desktop, keep it somewhere you will see it often. A deep connection to your ‘why’ helps sustain action. Surface reasons will fade. Identify your: What? Why? Why now? What benefits for you & others? Keep track of your daily efforts, if it moves you.Why daily?One day, your goal may not be relevant.Our goals change as we do.

Align with an Accountability Partner – Great for connection and keeping each other on task. Partner/Spouse, Family, Friends, Colleagues. Depending on the individual, support looks different. Some are kind and others may be verbose about your lagging efforts.  I find a mix of both encouraging as I’m ok with being called out.  It challenges my why. 

Vision Board – Put it in picture so you can remember & imagine achieving it. This can be old school magazine cutouts on a board or a digital collage.  Again – post it where you will see it.  

Ask for Help – There is no joy nor satisfaction having a headstone that reads, “They did it themselves.” We go faster when we have help.What needs to be taken care of so you can chisel away at this goal?Perhaps it has been awhile since you were able to get up and go.You may want or need to speak to someone who specializes in providing support.It takes courage and strength to ask for help.

Breathe – Take a moment to soak it all in.Be proud of yourself as you infuse your body with a breath.Look how far you have come?One or more steps forward. Take another breath.What lies ahead? Measure your progress by each step you take towards your goal, not the distance yet covered. Who knows where your journey will take you.  There could be a short cut ahead or a gorgeous detour. 

These are a handful of ideas of how you can help yourself when you struggle.  Try one or mix it up.  Share what works for you as this list is not exhaustive and I’m open to trying new things.

Wishing you more steps behind then ahead.

Written by Yvonne Tu Herman, People Developer