VIDEO: Guest On Global News Edmonton Giving Expert Opinion on The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Online Marketing Campaign

I had the pleasure of being invited on The Global Edmonton Early News Program to sit down with Nancy Carlson and provide some feedback on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or better known as #ALSIceBucketChallenge if you are Twitter obsessed!

I think what ALS has done with creating this type of awareness through social media is brilliant. I know there is much debate if people should just quit the fun and games and cut a cheque. Creating this type of buzz has increased exposure and made a huge imprint in people’s minds about what exactly ALS is and how it affects Canadians and people around the world. Sometimes simply cutting a cheque is just that, but the emotion, anxiety and empathy that the Ice Bucket Challenge has created goes wayyyyyyy beyond a dollar value.

In the same three week period down in the United States, ALS had only raised a few million and this year they are already at the sixteen million dollar mark which is a eight hundred percent increase. Global Early News Edmonton anchor asked me “Should other charities or non for profits be paying attention to this?” My answer is, absolutely! If you have no marketing or advertising budget you will have to be very creative and lean on your social networks to help spread the word!

Here are some nuggets to take away from the Ice Bucket Challenge next time you are trying to spread awareness:

  • Create a fun and easy activity
  • Keep the messaging loud, clear and simple
  • Decide which social media channels would be ideal to use
  • Set a clear goal and expectation
  • Ask your social networks to help you spread the word
  • Create micro content that is shareable
  • Have FUN!
  • I want to end off this post by asking you one question:

    What do YOU think of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

    Ta-ta for now 🙂

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