CRM Management (Customer Retention Management System)

This is one of the SINGLE most important pieces of the marketing strategy. The “life cycle” in which your customer goes through from the point of purchase through to service and eventually trade in is a journey in itself. As a dealership you want to make sure you are walking with them every step of the way. Customers grow and so do their circumstances, for this reason it is imperative that as a dealership you grow with them

Let’s grow together:

  • Manage overall CRM software
  • Ensure sales and service customer data are clean
  • Create and manage all campaigns for service, parts and sales
  • Develop a customer life cycle from initial purchase all the way to service and trade in
  • Track the # of customer leads in the CRM
  • In house training with CRM for sales and service staff
  • Third party vendor troubleshooting
  • Full implementation of CRM systems inside of the dealership

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