SPEAKING at DealerTalkX in Calgary October 6, 2016 | Calgary, Edmonton & Alberta Auto Dealers | Digital Marketing


Where: Telus Spark Place (220 St Georges Dr NE, Calgary, AB T2E 5T2)
When: October 6 at 10:10am

Subject: Don’t Let “ROI” Crush Your Customers Expectations of Your Dealership To Be Creative Engaging and Innovative Through Your Digital Marketing Efforts.

I am truly excited and humbled to be among the speakers at this conference. Kijiji has done a great job of providing a event and forum to offer auto dealers in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary actionable items that they can literally go back to the dealership with and execute. There will be some amazing speakers such as Jon Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist and host of The Amazing Race.

If you would like to attend my presentation or have any questions, I do have a discount code that you can purchase tickets with. Please reach out me here.

See you in Calgary!

#HoltzMDAWorkshop on YouTube True View & Online Conversion for Alberta Auto Dealerships

Photo 2014-10-03, 12 25 51 PM

Well, another awesome session with Edmonton and Calgary automotive dealers on the subject of YouTube true view and online conversion. I wanted to write a quick blog post and share some conversation from both sessions that was happening on twitter using the hashtag #HoltzMDAWorkshop.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 10.14.40 Bragging rights for the most tweets goes out to Gwyn from Maclin Ford who was tweeting up a storm. A close second goes to Caitlyn from Charlesglen Toyota in Calgary. Thanks to everyone for the tweets and awesome participation!

I love doing these workshops as I feel the auto industry is growing and expanding and it is super fun to be apart of that. Some great questions were asked and thoughts and ideas given. This makes for the perfect mental challenge! Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Online conversion and how to keep organized
  • Successful concept to completion for YouTube trueview campaigns
  • Creative and engaging concepts to acquire and maintain customer relationships
  • Have a peek at some of the conversation that was happening on Twitter!

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    Gallery of Tweet and Pictures!

    VIDEO: “One Question” How Has The Automotive Industry Adapted To The Needs Of Female Buyers?

    Welcome to “One Question”. I have decided to do a monthly video series called “One Question” where I go out and ask people a random question. The cool thing about this concept is they do not know what the question will be prior to me asking so it ensures honesty and transparency. I have a passion for marketing, communications and storytelling. There is no better way to combine all three then asking someone “One Question”.

    This video series will touch on topics such as:

  • real estate
  • automotive
  • marketing
  • psychology
  • trends
  • If you have one question or would like to be on “One Question” feel free to reach out to me here.

    VIDEO: Tim Nadeau GM at West End Nissan and I Chat Digital Marketing Inside of a Auto Dealership

    I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with one of my beloved automotive dealer clients Tim Nadeau from West End Nissan here in Edmonton, Alberta. Tim is a leader and innovator inside the automotive industry and was gracious enough to sit down and talk about where the auto industry is headed in terms of marketing and advertising.

    Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Implementation of social media and digital marketing
  • Where the auto industry is headed
  • Why auto dealers should adopt Social Media
  • Challenges auto dealers are currently facing
  • How to get started with digital and social media marketing inside of the dealership
  • I will keep this blog post short as the good stuff is in the video. Take a peek and please reach out to me with any questions or to chat about your dealership needs.