CBC Radio Interview: Is a beard for a “manly man” or a hipster? Personal branding OR should I say “grooming”?

LISTEN to the segment below with CBC Radio Edmonton Producer Cassandra Leader and Radio Host mark Connolly.

LISTEN to the segment below with CBC Radio Edmonton Producer Cassandra Leader and Radio Host Mark Connolly.

Is a beard for the trendy hipster or the stereotypical manly man? (Whatever that even means anymore?)

When I first got approached by CBC Radio Edmonton producer Cassandra Leader on Twitter about a show she was producing that would have the great debate about beards, I thought, AWESOME!!!!

Now I know that debating about whether a man should have a beard or not could seem absolutely pointless and stupid to most, but when you really dive into the topic, there is much to be dissected. Personal branding and how a person grooms his or her self is super important once they hit the real world. Meetings, interviews, club nights or social activities are all a subliminal runway for sharing exactly who you are to your audience. Alot of people will say “does it really matter OR are people even paying attention?”. The answer is YES and your style, fashion and vibe are very much a huge portion of the DNA that creates the almighty personal brand.

In a recent beard rant, blogger Nicki Daniels went into great detail as to why she loves a manly man beard and the fact that a beard should smell like saw dust and not coconut oil which is really funny.

I personally like a beard, but often change it up and rock the good ol baby face from time to time.

Do you like a beard? Should it only be for a “manly man or can anyone rock the style? I would love to know!


#HoltzMDAWorkshop on YouTube True View & Online Conversion for Alberta Auto Dealerships

Photo 2014-10-03, 12 25 51 PM

Well, another awesome session with Edmonton and Calgary automotive dealers on the subject of YouTube true view and online conversion. I wanted to write a quick blog post and share some conversation from both sessions that was happening on twitter using the hashtag #HoltzMDAWorkshop.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 10.14.40 Bragging rights for the most tweets goes out to Gwyn from Maclin Ford who was tweeting up a storm. A close second goes to Caitlyn from Charlesglen Toyota in Calgary. Thanks to everyone for the tweets and awesome participation!

I love doing these workshops as I feel the auto industry is growing and expanding and it is super fun to be apart of that. Some great questions were asked and thoughts and ideas given. This makes for the perfect mental challenge! Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Online conversion and how to keep organized
  • Successful concept to completion for YouTube trueview campaigns
  • Creative and engaging concepts to acquire and maintain customer relationships
  • Have a peek at some of the conversation that was happening on Twitter!

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    Gallery of Tweet and Pictures!