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Ryan is the proud owner of Ryan Holtz Marketing, a branding and media agency. Ryan hosts and produces the award-winning podcast called The Ryan Holtz Show which focuses on business, culture and self-improvement. Ryan has had world-class guests on his show ranging from Celebrities like Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank), Montell Jordan (Recording Artist), and LeLee Lyons (Grammy-nominated group, SWV) to business and personal development thought leaders such as Patrick Bet-David (Valuetainment), 5 am Club Author, Robin Sharma, Seth Godin, Tim Storey (Oprah’s Lifecoach) and many more! Ryan’s mandate is curiosity.

Thank you Ryan for your support and the passion you bring to your events. You truly are the Brand King!

Don Romano CEO & President, Hyundai Canada

Ryan assisted me in starting our corporate Instagram journey. Over the six months that I worked with him, he taught me the basics of branding and engaging on social media, as well as many of the tools that I could use to create and promote ads. Throughout the process he provided encouragement and support and cheered me on along the way! His high energy personality and positive outlook were a bonus :). Thanks Ryan and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Crista Costen, Costen Insurance President

Ryan! You were so great to work with, thank you for delivering! Planning was smooth, requests were welcomed, and you really paid attention to my team and what they wanted/needed. The event was such a great success because of my vendors/partners. You were part of that team. Thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you again!

Vanessa Hearn, Institute For Reconstructive Sciences In Medicine

I have been a follower of Ryan Holtz's exuberant marketing methodologies for about 6 years! Ryan is authentic and he has a keen sense of what one's Customers are seeking. When I started up Integrity Building Construction Inc., Ryan was the only call I considered making in relation to marketing my business. He worked with me to develop our company website and we have a strategy in place to keep Integrity connected to our Customers (and prospective Customers!), Suppliers and Industry Contacts through several forms of digital media. I like Ryan and I trust his balance of discipline and fun to represent our company, as a part of our team. This decision was not made lightly - but it was made quickly!

Tim James, Clark Builders Vice-President

Ryan is a very dynamic trainer who engages everyone in his workshops. He gives people the confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their life and work and strive to reach their goals. He is constantly keeping up with technology and teaching individuals how to best use it to grow people's business.

Jane Young, New Brunswick Auto Dealers Association Executive Director

Ryan has great advice for marketing. Unlike a lot of "experts", he's actually worked and had great success in a dealership for himself, he has a very simple "What do customers want" approach to it, just connecting with people. Everything he teaches is creative & simple to implement almost immediately. Highly recommend him for any dealership or business looking to do a better job with their marketing strategy.

Kenton Maitland General Manager

I wanted to take a moment to recommend the great work Ryan Holtz has done on an inovative intitiative called Grove Tweet Up !! This out of the box idea was developed by Ryan to bring people together to collaborate on supporting local buisness. This was developed to interact on Twitter and start the conversation about the benifit and use pf powerful social media tools to drive and stimulate local business. Spruce Grove is a economic power centre of excellence for buisness retention and buisness development and leads in many ways in the region. Let's look to Grove Tweet Up as another example of looking at what we can do by embracing the benefit for everyone from the businesses to the consumer working together. This has the potential to continue to create a broad range of investment confidence and elevate the prosperity in the local business and development community. Stuart Houston Mayor City of Spruce Grove

Stuart Houston Mayor, City Of Spruce Grove

I've known Ryan for a few years now. He's the real deal. His intoxicating energy and enthusiasm is very refreshing. He's a real go getter and provides excellent service. He's an asset for any organization.

Valerie J. Stephens Vice President

“I think I found a new favorite podcast! Ryan’s conversations with his guests are so open, authentic, and truly fun. This is the kind of show where you catch yourself actually smiling and laughing out loud. Not to mention, I feel like I’m getter smarter just by tuning in. Highly recommend hitting that subscribe button!”

Olivia Baker RHS Podcast Listener

“Ryan’s show is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to by far! Every episode offers an intriguing topic, with outstanding guests who have made an outstanding impact in their area of work. Whenever I listen to Ryan, it feels like I know him (even though I’ve never met him in person before), simply because he has such a great personality and has a way of interacting with his listeners! If you need inspiration, motivation, or just a good podcast to listen to during your spare time or on your way home from work, I highly recommend tapping into the Ryan Holtz show. You won’t be disappointed!”

Stefan Thomas RHS Podcast Listener

I love listing to Ryan’s energetic and positive podcasts. Ryan speaks the truth and gives best advices to people who wants to start their own business. Highly recommend if you are ready to start your new business journey!

Ryan gives us great content and his enthusiasm and passion is unmatched. I love his interviews because he continues to ask the right questions. Keep up the great work and continue to give us excellent content.

I love Ryan’s energy. He also asks great questions that give the audience deeper insight into his guests. I just listened to the episode with Seth Godin and I found out lots of things I didn’t know about him. I enjoyed Ryan’s conversational approach, it doesn’t seem like a podcast interview, its like two friends talking.

I highly recommend the Ryan Holtz Show. I have listened for a long time and find Ryan open, inspiring, energetic and full of great information!