Optimize Inventory & Increase Lot Turns Using Facebook Advertising Techniques For Calgary & Edmonton Automotive Dealers


Edmonton | June 9, 2016
Calgary | June 10, 2016

We will explore:

1. Diversify Pay per click budget and add versatility into search visibility
2. Increasing lot turns naturally decreases holding costs such as loans and depreciation increasing profit margins. Review as to why and how this works.
3. How to optimize digital ad spend through Adwords & Facebook increasing views on specific stock numbers
4. Suggested budgets to spend on each piece of inventory for both new and used
5. How to optimize and target each piece of inventory to increase clicks while paying the best possible click rate
6. How to stagger each stock unit based on inventory age
7. Who at the dealership should be in charge of this weekly task to ensure all inventory is properly marketed & optimized for best results
8. Examples of AMVIC acceptable advertisements

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