Calgary & Edmonton Auto Marketing Dealer Workshop: Roll Over Some Of Those “TV, Radio & Print” Ad Dollars Into Your Own Dealership LIVE Broadcast Using Facebook Live, Instagram & Snapchat Stories


Edmonton | Thursday, September 22

Calgary | Friday, September 23

Did you know that people watch LIVE Video 3x more then normal video?

1.Overview of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories
2.Live video consumption stats compared against all major media outlets
3.Best practices & tips for how to implement inside of the dealership
4.Extensive content plan to keep your dealerships marketing and sales objectives in line with your “LIVE” audience
5.Some equipment suggestions to put that “professional” touch on your “Live” broadcasts
6.Examples of other dealers who are using Live Streaming to increase sales both in service and sales departments

This one day workshop would be useful for sales managers, service managers, dealer principles and marketing personnel. To ensure success and value, make sure that you have a basic understanding of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat platforms and have dealership accounts created! As alway’s there will be emphasis on GROUP participation and therefore expect to be apart of the conversation and activities.

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Edmonton Journal | Personal Branding The Key To Business Success, Say Edmonton-Area Entrepeneurs

Screenshot 2014-12-19 08.45.33Marketing and business has truly changed and evolved over the last few years in a BIG way! I remember the days when I worked for someone and the company preached nobody is bigger than the brand. Today, that still may be true, but connecting with your customers has never been so important. I have never heard a customer or client say: “Today I had such an amazing conversation with Mr/Mrs brand.” Behind that brand is a human and psychologically we all want to talk and share thoughts with each other.

Fast forward to 2014 and we have companies and brands marketing through their employees personal brand and also reaching out for brand ambassadors. After all, if a customer said to another friend how awesome your company is, don’t you think the chances of that person wanting to do business with you automatically increases? I do!

Jodie Sinnema wrote this amazing Edmonton Journal Article featuring myself alongside Naheed from Boston Pizza, Nora from Monjeloco Jeans (Featured On CBC’s Dragons Den) and Cory from tribute lounge. In the article, she asks everyone how personal branding has helped achieve their desired success. I do not want to give much away, but go read the article! If you are in business and looking for creativity, this is a must read!

I will end off by saying marketing has never been cheaper and more cost effective. The cost of customer acqusitiion equals sweat equity and relationship building. There is no easy way. Hard work, passion, strategy and enthusiasm will get you off to a great start.

What do you think of personal branding? How has it helped your business?

If you need any kind of assistance in marketing, training, branding or execution, reach out to me and let’s chat.If not, reach out to me anyway, because I love to chat :)

Ta ta for now and remember to wear some AWESOME socks!

CBC Radio Interview: Is a beard for a “manly man” or a hipster? Personal branding OR should I say “grooming”?

LISTEN to the segment below with CBC Radio Edmonton Producer Cassandra Leader and Radio Host mark Connolly.

LISTEN to the segment below with CBC Radio Edmonton Producer Cassandra Leader and Radio Host Mark Connolly.

Is a beard for the trendy hipster or the stereotypical manly man? (Whatever that even means anymore?)

When I first got approached by CBC Radio Edmonton producer Cassandra Leader on Twitter about a show she was producing that would have the great debate about beards, I thought, AWESOME!!!!

Now I know that debating about whether a man should have a beard or not could seem absolutely pointless and stupid to most, but when you really dive into the topic, there is much to be dissected. Personal branding and how a person grooms his or her self is super important once they hit the real world. Meetings, interviews, club nights or social activities are all a subliminal runway for sharing exactly who you are to your audience. Alot of people will say “does it really matter OR are people even paying attention?”. The answer is YES and your style, fashion and vibe are very much a huge portion of the DNA that creates the almighty personal brand.

In a recent beard rant, blogger Nicki Daniels went into great detail as to why she loves a manly man beard and the fact that a beard should smell like saw dust and not coconut oil which is really funny.

I personally like a beard, but often change it up and rock the good ol baby face from time to time.

Do you like a beard? Should it only be for a “manly man or can anyone rock the style? I would love to know!