3 Reasons To Snapchat While Traveling | Amalfi Coast (Positano), Italy

Using Snapchat while traveling is a must! Recently, I was in the Amalfi Coast, Italy and had several people message me telling me certain places to visit and see. It really gave me a custom experience in my travels throughout Europe!

3 Snapchat tips:

1. Snapchat first thing in the morning telling people what your day looks like.
2. Ask your snapchat following a question like: “Where have you traveled?”
3. Try to add Geo-filters to the snapchat because it really authenticates where you have been!
4. Bonus tip: just follow me @RyanHoltz1

Overall, the beauty of snapchat is you can really get a different experience overall rather than just going somewhere. I had over 5,000 messages and snaps of people telling me where and what to experience. What ultimately was great, was local business in Europe that were locked into snapchat beefed up the experience tremendously!

Snapchat Social Media Marketing For Your Business or Auto Dealership Is A Must! 6 Tips For Business Snapchat Success! 

Ok! So admittedly I definitely was not a huge fan of snapchat. It really seemed to be a platform that I found confusing and really not friendly. At a first glance I found the platform confusing to use and all the swipes just overwhelmed me.

The deciding moment for me was it seemed people were just there and we all know that if you are in marketing or marketing for a company, you need to go where the people are and most of all, engage with them! Over the last few weeks I have been leveraging my Instagram account to build my snapchat following. I can honestly say that snapchat has took over as of late. The number one reason: ENGAGEMENT!

In any social media platform whether it is used for an automotive dealership or a dental office, engagement is everything as it allows you to connect with your previous, current and new clients! I predict snapchat will be a game changer and therefore is a must for any digital marketing strategy aimed at engaging with clients and customers!

A few observations and tips for snapchat:

  1. Syndicate your snapchat code on ALL your other social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, instagram and YouTube
  2. Don’t be shy and simply snap moments from your every day life
  3. Make a point to comment and chat with other snapchat users daily snaps
  4. Bring your company’s personality to the forefront by snapping behind the scenes and normal everyday things
  5. Be patient and check out some “how to” snapchat tutorial videos
  6. Have fun!

As always’s if you have any questions or are a business looking to step up your digital marketing strategy or social media, contact me here.

Add me on snapchat here!

WORKSHOP: Auto Dealers Using Periscope & Instagram Advertising For Your Dealership Digital Marketing Strategy in Edmonton & Calgary

With Instagram growing faster than any other social platform and search down 6% it is time to diversify your digital marketing strategy!

Edmonton | December 16, 2015
Calgary | December 17, 2015

We will learn how to:

1. Setup periscope for the dealership
2. Setup Instagram advertising and an account for the dealership
3. Go over case studies and examples of how both Periscope and Instagram can be used in the dealership daily to market and connect with customers both in sales and service
4. Go over content creation and graphic design to ensure your visuals will be noticed by car buyers
5. Review of best practices for both Periscope and Instagram
6. Psychology as to why Instagram has almost 30 times the engagement rate of Facebook and why Periscope has taken off allowing people to see the world all through your mobile device in real time
7. Review of digital spend and overall integration into your current digital strategy


1. Having both periscope and Instagram downloaded on your mobile device
2. A rough draft of your current digital strategy
3. Having a mobile phone charged and ready
4. A great and fun attitude as this will be full of participation and group fun

Register here. or text 780.218.5899 with any questions!

VIDEO: YouTube Turned 10 Last Month And Is The Second Largest Search Engine And Third Most Visited Website Behind Google And Facebook

The ultimate video disruptor, YouTube, turned 10 last month, and there’s no question as to YouTube’s impact on our world and media consumption habits.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and is the third most-visited website in the world (after Google and Facebook), with more than 300 hours of content is uploaded every minute.

While YouTube has changed how we share and consume news, discover future celebrities… and definitely, click away plenty of time… YouTube has also definitely changed the way consumers search for info, shop, and how businesses get their messages out.

BizBOXTV’s Lisa Ostrikoff explores the explosive exposure brands that use YouTube have experienced in the social world.

Western Canadian Dealer Summit at The Wynn in Las Vegas!

Chad Zender  of Zender Ford holding up my underwear at The Wynn in Las Vegas.

Chad Zender of Zender Ford holding up my underwear at The Wynn in Las Vegas.

WOW is all I have to say about this event put on by The Alberta Motor Dealers Association, New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia and the Saskatchewan Car Dealers Association. This summit was the first time ever that three provincial car dealers associations have collaborated to put on a event like this. The speaker line up was great and even had Al Awadia from Google and reality tv star Danny Kokker from Kounts Kustoms as a keynote.

I was humbled to be apart of this event and be asked to speak. This conference was truly educational and packed with great digital marketing information for car dealers to bring back home and immediately implement inside of their dealerships. We all know that 5 or so years ago the average amount of showrooms a buyer would visit prior to purchase was in the neighbourhood of 5 and today that number is one. A speaker at the conference mentioned that the average amount of websites visited prior to purchase is roughly 18.2 which means that the buyer in the online space has tripled the amount of showrooms they visit, ONLINE showrooms that is! Statistics like this is why conferences like this one are so important and viable to the success of car dealers.

I am going to keep this blog post short. If you did not attend this year, looking forward to seeing you next year. If you would like further information on the Western Dealer Summit, click here.

VIDEO: Internet Battle Plan Was A Hit For Automotive Dealers in Seattle Full Of Education!!

Such a great time and huge honor to speak at The 16th Internet Battle Plan held for automotive dealers by Jim Ziegler in Seattle, Washington. This conference was a 3 day event and full of great speakers who spread their knowledge around the room. Some topics included:

  • Customer Retention Management (CRM)
  • Content Creation for Websites To Convert More Customers
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Sales Techniques
  • Email Response
  • Internet Sales Training
  • Individual Branding For Salespeople
  • This conference was designed to help automotive dealerships adapt and move their business online successfully. Internet departments and BDC’s would benefit from attending as the conference provided useful content ranging from video response all the way to individual branding for the modern day product advisor.

    I would strongly suggest attending this conference in the future and I was extremely happy to be one of the guest speakers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here.

    Have a peek at some of the conversation that was happening on Twitter and also a few photos.

    Social Media 101 Automotive Dealers Workshop in Edmonton, Alberta Canada


    Well let me tell you, this workshop for automotive dealers was simply awesome. I held a “Social Media 101″ for Edmonton and area automotive dealerships. This was jam packed full day workshop that went over every aspect of a automtive dealership setting up and being successful with social media inside the dealership. I teamed up with The Motor Dealers Association of Alberta to host this amazing full day digital marketing workshop. It was held at The Edmonton Petroleum Club and they we an amazing host! Below PLEASE check out what some of the dealers had to say and have a peek at some of the twitter conversation with the hash tag #HoltzMDAworkshop. If you are interested in having me host a workshop for you on location at your business or through your Canadian business association please reach out to me here and we can make it happen! As always, please share through all your social links and drop some comments below.

    VIDEO: “One Question” How Has The Automotive Industry Adapted To The Needs Of Female Buyers?

    Welcome to “One Question”. I have decided to do a monthly video series called “One Question” where I go out and ask people a random question. The cool thing about this concept is they do not know what the question will be prior to me asking so it ensures honesty and transparency. I have a passion for marketing, communications and storytelling. There is no better way to combine all three then asking someone “One Question”.

    This video series will touch on topics such as:

  • real estate
  • automotive
  • marketing
  • psychology
  • trends
  • If you have one question or would like to be on “One Question” feel free to reach out to me here.

    VIDEO: Tim Nadeau GM at West End Nissan and I Chat Digital Marketing Inside of a Auto Dealership

    I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with one of my beloved automotive dealer clients Tim Nadeau from West End Nissan here in Edmonton, Alberta. Tim is a leader and innovator inside the automotive industry and was gracious enough to sit down and talk about where the auto industry is headed in terms of marketing and advertising.

    Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Implementation of social media and digital marketing
  • Where the auto industry is headed
  • Why auto dealers should adopt Social Media
  • Challenges auto dealers are currently facing
  • How to get started with digital and social media marketing inside of the dealership
  • I will keep this blog post short as the good stuff is in the video. Take a peek and please reach out to me with any questions or to chat about your dealership needs.

    Jab, Jab, Jab Right HOOK!


    Well, this post is long overdue. So as always, when I go on vacation I maximize my time on the plane by reading a good and educational book. My selection this time was a book called “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk. Yes I know, anyone who has heard me speak has heard me bring his name up many times, it is for one reason and one reason only, he is real, practical and literally tells it like it is! Good old fashion hard work!

    Being a marketing person specializing in the Digital Sphere with a niche in the Automotive industry I am constantly seeking out good content and fresh ideas and perspective. This book talks about social media and implementation inside of any business using platforms like facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinterest and instagtam to natively tell your brand’s story. The book focuses on the “how” and not so much the “why” which is great!

    I have always said that in marketing you have to make people cry or laugh because it evokes emotion. If you do neither then your chances if standing out in such a noisy world are slim to none. “Do not let perfection hinder you as intent is king”. I love this quote because a lot of businesses particularly automotive dealers are so hesitant on simply starting the process of entering the digital world because they want to be perfect. Most times the imperfections are what makes the perfection.

    My advice: Dive in start swimming and come up with a strategy as a automotive dealership to tell your story to your customer base. Have fun with it!

    If you need help, reach out to me and let’s start with a conversation and go from there!