Social Media Implementation Inside of the Dealership


This is A MUST! However, tweeting and Facebooking personally is a lot different than tweeting or face booking for business. Let me help you with strategizing and implementing a great social media strategy inside of your dealership that will expand your reach and increase your engagement.

  • Strategize and create all content
  • Schedule sales, service and parts content
  • Monitor all channel such as Facebook , YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Full setup and branding of each platform
  • Generate all monthly reports showing metrics such as top content, demographic, reach, clicks,
    impressions, engagement rates, influence etc.
  • Teach your BDC or Internet sales teams how to turn social media into an additional lead source.
  • Teach your dealership as a whole how to use Social media for pretty much every line of
    communication between you and your customer