Ep 12: Interview With Optometrist Dr. Danielle Gordon, United Airlines, Business Marketing Strategies, Life’s Challenges & Adversities

Podcast_RH2-Guest_DrDanielleGordon In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I interview Optometrist, Wife, Mom, Community Leader and over all an amazing human, Dr. Danielle Gordon. Dr. Danielle Gordon is an optometrist and partner with My Optometrist Calgary. Where do I begin?! This podcast is literally almost two hours long and every minute is butter, baby. Trust me!

Initially I really wanted to have Dr. Danielle on my podcast because of the work I had seen her do on her company’s Instagram page. About 3 minutes into the podcast, my whole excitement changed because I instantly knew I was talking to an absolute marvel of a human. Normally, I do not want any of my episodes to run on or go past 90 minutes tops! In this case, it was a must, so all you people who have a short attention span, be patient and listen to this episode even if it takes you 10 cracks hahahaha. You will not be disappointed.

I do not want to transcribe everything we chatted about here in the show notes, that is what the podcast is for, so below is a bullet list of subjects and topics we covered at length:

* Being an introvert
* Being vulnerable
* Business partnerships
* Choosing a theme word about how she wants to live her life (This year it is “Play”)
* United airlines blunder example about “re-accomodating” patients
* Rectifying bad patient, client or customer experiences puts businesses in a challenging situation given the digital environment and instantaneousness that social media brings
* How to incorporate a staff social media policy for small, mid and large businesses
* Automotive personal branding and social media policies
* Never too late to go back to school
* Tips on how to stay consistent and motivated?
* How to stay inspired both personally and professionally?
* How medical professionals are putting a personal touch on patient care

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Ep 11: Stop Marketing, Humanity is The Sales Pitch and Personal Reflection

IMG_3717 In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about why you should stop marketing and start loving people. I also talk about why humanity is the sales pitch. Many entrepreneurs in this 2017 business climate are feeling the pinch especially due to financial and slim margins. I chat about the mentality or self awareness that you could potentially use to allow you to feel less pressure to sell and more energy to create and cultivate great relationships. Humility is key and hard work is the door! As I ended off in this episode with one question: Why does your product or service deserve your customer’s time? BOOM!

Ep 10: Special Guest Eric Cheng, Founder of YEG People And I Talk About Online Bullying, Social Media Marketing, Why Edmonton Is Amazing, YEG People And 3 Tips On Starting Your Own Business

IMG_3717EPISODE 10!! On this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show Podcast I have a very special guest by the name of Eric Cheng. Eric is the founder of YEG People, a highly curated group of Edmontonians whom are doing different and innovative things in YEG through business and art. We talk about online bullying, social media marketing and why he wanted to start YEG People. This episode is jam packed as we seemed to talk about so much pertaining to how digital has really changed the way us humans interact and furthermore how we go about our daily lives.

Feel free to reach out and check what YEG People is all about here. You can also reach out to Eric on Instagram @yegpeople and check out all the cool and amazing Edmontonians!

Ep 09: Grandma Would Want Me To Button Up, Oscars Blunder And Contextual Marketing

img_3717 In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about how Grandma would want me to button up, The Oscar’s Lala land and moonlight blunder and contextual marketing. Mahershala Ali in this speech talks about the acting advice that his acting coaches gave was that acting was never about the actor but rather the character. Mahershala said that he gives humility and service into his craft. Enjoy the podcast and let me know what you think!

Ep 08: Nice Feet, Event Marketing And Nobody Likes An Advertisement! Inbound Marketing Is The Start of The Trust Cycle

img_3717 In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about nice feet and how that could be a way to gage someone’s character. I also give three tips to use social media and digital marketing to increase “foot” traffic to your next event. I would love to know what you think and if feet are really that important what they do actually say about a person. I also chat about how nobody likes an advertisement and the trick to great marketing is inbound and position your product or brand to be in front of the client or customer when they are in the market for your product or service.

Ep 07: Protein Shake For Your Mind, 2017 Automotive Predictions & Unilever CMO Keith Weed


In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show I talk about protein shakes for your mind, 2017 automotive marketing predictions and Unilever CMO Keith Weed. Since 2016 has left us, and 2017 is here. I smell an odour like no other, that is the odour of the Future. This is the time of year when many people make their new years resolutions with fitness being one of them. But what about your mind? What about your soul? If your mind and soul are healthy I am sure your body will follow. As many know, a niche market I have managed to carve out for my business is automotive and I strongly feel that in 2017 it is going to be fierce, competitive and scrappy as car buyers are getting more and more educated which forces the dealers and manufacturers to simply keep up. I am excited!

Have fun listening and what is your protein shake for your mind?

Ep 06: Interview with Beverley Theresa on Vanity Metrics, Social Media Marketing & SHADE

In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I interview Beverley Theresa. Beverley is a sassy and unconventional social media strategist who literally is everywhere online and truly loves marketing and based here in Edmonton. I wanted to interview Beverley because she brings RAW to marketing and I love it. We chatted about vanity metrics and and traditional vs digital media. SHADE as Beverley made me aware in the podcast by pointing out that I must be old if I do not understand what this terms is, lol.

Here is a summary of what we chatted about:

Vanity metrics on social media

- buying followers or focusing too much on followers
- social media marketers hash-tagging every single word that doesn’t even convert or have anything to do with the post so they can try and get more likes
- social media and advertising examples courtesy of Realtors

Social media cliques

- someone who said Edmonton is like a clique and it’s hard to break in, which i kind of agree on, but it’s like that in every city
- getting mad if someone doesn’t respond to you on social media
- in the end just talk to people, because, they’re people

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Ep 05: How Business Conference Attendees Can Maximize Their Experience

img_3717 In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about how business conference attendees can maximize their experience and get the most out of the conference. With so many conferences going on around the world in all industries, as a business owner or team member, you are always looking to keep up with industry news, new technology and change! Below are a few tips to get the most out of your next conference and also how to establish which conference is great for you!

5 Tips:

1. Search for the hash tag and see what conversation is happening prior to attending
2. Reach out to the speakers and read their bio’s and see what they are doing to help you decide the speaker session that is right for you.
3. Set out 3 or 4 goals you would like to take away from the conference that you can immediately execute on afterwards
4. Reach out to the event organizers prior to see why they chose to host the conference and what their motivation was
5. Get to the conference early!

What conferences do you like? Please let me know here and please tell me how you get prepared for a conference?

Ep 04: Are You “Networking” Or “Not Working” for Business?

img_3717 In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about networking or not working for business. This subject is of very much debate. New business owners and business owners looking to expand their contacts or reach will often attend networking events. Usually the feedback after doing so is mixed.

Some points I discuss in this episode are:

1. Time management
2. Value of the networking group and associated sponsors
3. B2B instead of B2C
4. Your goals and what you are trying to get out of the group

If you are part of a networking group that you get tons of value, please message me here so I can add the group to the list and also give a shout out.

Are you “networking” or “not working”?

I would love to know!

Ep 03: Being Great Or Acting Great


In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about being great or acting great. Is there really a difference and if so, what is it? The motivation for this show topic came from an interview on London Real with Chris Eubanks. You can watch the interview here. Please let me know if you think acting great or being great is the same or different?